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We can engrave on most plastics, woods, and marbles. With our engraving, it is possible for us to make awards and plaques. Our laser machine can also mark on metals, etch on glass, and cut wood, plastic, and acrylic.

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Engraved signs

Any signage needed around your office or home can be engraved with almost any type of design needed. Name plates for you office desk or a family crest engraving over your front door of your home. The possibilities are almost endless, from design and material options.


To fit your every need when making and designing a plaque for an event can be met. Large varieties of different materials and sizes can be engravef to meet your needs.


Our awards come in a large selection of designs and materials. With your selection of material and size, an unlimited selection of engraving designs are available using lettering and graphic choices.


A popular engravable material is glassware. Mugs, champagne glasses, shot glasses along with others are all premium gifts which can have an almost unlimited variety of engraving options.

Engraved gifts

Almost any partially soft material can be engraved into. The only restriction is the gift can only be up to 1 by 2 feet in size. The list of gifts are too long to list so the sky is the limit.

Photo frames

Personalizing a photo frame with either lettering or graphics is easy. We are able to engrave into a large number of materials.

Wood engraving

Many different products are made of wood and many different types of wood at that. We have the ability to engrave pieces of wood up to 1 by 2 feet. Any type of lettering or graphics are available for engraving.


Acrylic is a very versatile material which is used in an ever expanding list of products. This is a material which can be engraved with great detail as well as being very visible markings. Most name plates and plaques are made with acrylic and can be precisely cut and engraved with a variety of options.


Brick engravings are mostly used for memorials or honorary gifts.

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